8th private banking kongress Munich 2015

Meet and greet in a relaxed atmosphere

What does the world look like to a foreign correspondent with 30 years of experience covering wars and crisis situations? What’s the latest news from Asia? Why are the demanding changes in the financial services industry leading to a widening range of new coaching platforms? These and many other expert presentations, as well as fascinating workshops and private banking topics, were held in Munich.

Dr Antonia Rados (chief foreign correspondent for the RTL media group), Dr Karl Pilny (author, lawyer and expert on Asia), Jörg Seifart (foundation management expert), Jörg Plesse (inheritance and foundation manager) and Andy Aeschbach (private banking scene expert) were just some of the high-profile speakers.


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the charm of yesteryear meets exclusive modern architecture

The private banking kongress meeting is scheduled to take place at the Sofitel Munich Bayerpost. This luxury hotel located in the heart of Munich features a unique combination of tradition and modernity. A flagship of the industry, the hotel triumphs with a winning mix of avant-garde architecture and exclusive high-end design. Stylish perfection meets Bavarian Lebensfreude and French joie de vivre at this top address.

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